About ETIM

ETIM or European Technical Information Model is a standard for describing technical product information in a language neutral way. ETIM enables product search and comparison to requirements with certain technical properties as attributes.

The ETIM-model structure is determined by the complexity of the product concerned. The technical information of the products is described in the ETIM-standard by commonly approved features, which varies with the properties of the product. The products are divided into ETIM-classes, which have different sets of ETIM-features and ETIM-values. For each ETIM-class (corresponds to product category) there are defined features, which are essential for the product category concerned. The features again are given values, which can be either numbers, choices or numerical ranges.

The ETIM-standard is now taken into use in Finland and Sweden simultaneously. The terminology of the standard requires application and translation so that ETIM can be fitted for the conditions in the Nordic countries.

ETIM Finland is responsible for the introduction of the ETIM-standard in Finland.