About the association

The Finnish HVAC Technical Traders’ Association is an organization that represents significant Finnish HVAC wholesalers. Approximately 70% of the HVAC product sales in Finland is sold through the members of the association.

The members of the Finnish HVAC Technical Traders’ Association are the largest wholesale actors in the industry in Finland: Ahlsell Oy,  Onninen Oy ja LVI-Dahl Oy. The association promotes the cooperation between different parties in the whole HVAC technical business in Finland, makes statistics on the HVAC technical product wholesale for Finland and Europe and manages the Finnish national LVI-INFO -product database.

Finnish HVAC Technical Traders’ Association is a member in Finnish Commerce Federation and Association of Finnish Technical Traders, with which it has close cooperation. The association is also an active member in FEST (The European Federation of the Sanitary and Heating Wholesale Trade) and keeps regularly in touch with the other Nordic sister associations in Sweden (Svenska Rörgrossistföreningen VVS), Norway (Norske Rørgrossisters Forening NRF) and Denmark (Rørforeningen).